Lessons Learned From Giving Up Coffee

It has been one month since I drank coffee.  And I do not miss it.  In mid-December when I decided to stop my 1-3 cup a day habit, I used the remaining days of the year to wean off my caffeine addiction.  By December 31, I was down to less than a quarter of a […]

The Girl I Never Knew

Sitting at a café table, looking out the window at the gloomy, rainy weather and gray sky, one might consider the rain a metaphor for the tears my town is shedding for the passing of a teenager less than 72 hours ago.  In the blink of an eye Terry, a high school freshman, out with […]

Leadership Mistake Number 1: Resolving Conflict by Providing the Solution

When your staff is venting to you about conflicts they are having with colleagues, what do you do? Intervene and defend the other person’s actions, offer suggestions for resolution or get involved and offer assistance? That is the role of a leader right; the problem solver? If so, how is that working for you? Not […]

March Madness

March Madness is an exciting time in my house as my husband and kids enjoy following the 64 college basketball teams (now 16) play to stay alive for another round in the NCAA tournament.  As soon as the teams were announced on Selection Sunday, bracket analysis started and the process of predicting who would advance […]

Making Changes

December 21, 2015 When deciding that a change in your life is necessary, how do you go about making it happen?  What is involved in the effort; is it a simple or complex, time consuming or a quick fix, impacting only you or others as well?  Is it prompted by personal desire or necessity based […]

How do you define helpful?

October 21, 2014 Some people graciously offer their time and energy to help those in need.  Others lend their support while some go into fix-it mode with the hopes of resolving the issue.  This gesture, as well intended as it might be, is not always helpful and can sometimes contribute to the perpetuation and longevity […]

Hopes and Goals

September 22, 2014 I hope my children live a life filled with happiness and health.  I hope they grow up to be productive and independent individuals who can take on challenges and make wise decisions.  I hope they surround themselves with smart and caring people, have fulfilling careers and face obstacles with courage and strength.  […]

Spring Cleaning

May 21, 2014 Goodbye to the frigid and snowy days of winter and welcome to warmer days of spring.  Hello to the chirping birds, blooming flowers and kids playing outside.  And yes, welcome to the annual event of spring-cleaning too.  For some, this means cleaning everything that has been left untouched over the winter months […]