I Look Forward To

I look forward to the day when my skin does not afford me more of a privilege than those of other colors and shades. We are part of the same human race, each unique, like our fingerprints, yet the same because we have hearts and brains that want and deserve to live with calm, peace, […]

Defeating the Coronavirus War

The days are so strange. There is an eeriness in the air. Few cars on the street. More people walking around – many in the middle of the road for social distancing purposes. I haven’t been in my car more than two times in nearly three weeks. And when I was, it was upsetting to […]

Work-Life Balance While Working From Home During The Coronavirus Pandemic

March 23, 2020 The COVID-19 pandemic has changed our lives in the blink of an eye. We are scrambling to figure out how we can continue being productive now that everything has gone virtual – everything but our kids, that is. We still have meetings, projects, emails, and calls, and yes, we now have our […]

COVID-19 meets Time, Distance, and Shielding

March 17, 2020 One of the things I love about my brother-in-law, Lee, a Ph.D. Nuclear Physicist, is his ability to enthusiastically and skillfully explain complex scientific facts, theories, and challenges in ways that I, a non-scientifically knowledgeable person, can understand. I’m always intrigued by his research, experiments, and findings that range from, for example, […]

Want to spend more time with your family and less time at work?

Do you want to spend more time with your family and less time at work? Do you want to go on weekend excursions with the kids, have date nights with your partner, and go out for dinner with your friends? Want to exercise regularly, have more time to relax, read books, and binge-watch shows? These […]

Innocent Fun

Many of my childhood friends grew up excited for Santa’s arrival. They made their lists and checked them twice, baked cookies and left them on the table before going to bed eagerly awaiting the excitement of waking up to find Santa’s gifts under their Christmas tree. A few months later, these same friends were excited […]

Another First Day

September 5, 2019 Today marks the last-first day of high school for my daughter as she is now a senior and the first day that she drove herself – and my son, a sophomore — to school. After the traditional (and typical) first day of school pics, my husband and I watched as they drove […]

Are you busier than you need to be?

Busy. People are busy. Professionally overwhelmed and overworked. Personally, not meeting responsibilities. Self-care? What’s that? Stress, fatigue, and frustration kick into high gear and with no roadmap for change, busy people remain busy. Take Avery for example, a senior level attorney at a large law firm. She worked 60+ hours a week, arrived home shortly before her toddlers’ bedtime and rushed […]