“Lauren’s thoughtful and direct style sets her apart from traditional executive coaches. She has been truly remarkable at helping me understand my organizational and leadership challenges and explore my role in them — with the goal of enhancing my effectiveness as a person and a leader. She’s insightful, empathetic and high impact. Simply the best!”

Kelly, Sr. Vice President of Human ResourcesFortune 500 - financial services company

“Working with Lauren Hammer has been a profoundly rewarding experience for me. She is an incredibly insightful executive coach, and my work with her has not only paid dividends in enhancing my leadership skills and furthering my professional relationships and goals, but has also enriched my personal relationships as well. While Lauren often challenges my thinking in ways that can seem uncomfortable, she remains fully supportive and encouraging of my goals and simply of me, as a person. Through my work with Lauren, I have learned to recognize and hold myself accountable for the ways in which I contribute to the challenging situations and relationships that I encounter in the workplace and beyond. The insights that I have gained have helped me to raise my profile and enhance my reputation within my company, achieve greater clarity in business and interpersonal communications, repair vulnerable relationships and strengthen positive ones.

I found my way to Lauren through an interest in Bowen systems theory, at a time when I also happened to be standing at one of the more challenging crossroads of my professional life. While many more challenges lie in the road ahead, it has been incredibly confidence inspiring to have Lauren in my corner as my coach, sounding board, champion and so much more.

If you are considering an executive coach, I encourage you to meet with Lauren – you will very likely walk away from a session with her feeling a new sense of clarity and empowerment!”

Anne C.General Counsel, Fortune 500 Company

“I am VP, Commercial Operations at a global pharma/medical device company that is a fast paced, consistently growing with matrix leadership structure. I manage a demanding work role in addition to being a parent of 3 children; one of my children also has Autism. My tendency in most environments is to over-function which was contributing to burnout and not being as efficient in my execution. Lauren has provided me valuable feedback on addressing leadership challenges with peers and superiors in regards to decision making, differing opinions and styles.

Lauren has given me a solid framework for managing my own accountability and truly holding others accountable both at work and home. Lauren has provided clarity of roles and patterns and how they relate to my personal and professional life. Identifying these patterns in addition to applying a different approach completely minimizes stress and increases my effectiveness in all areas.”

F. Bell Leadership Team

“Lauren Hammer has been a tremendous help to me in both my personal and professional life. With her coaching, I have built strategies that enable me to be a better supervisor and a more effective co-worker. She has helped me to identify and address assumptions and this has led to clearer communication and improved relationships in all areas of my life.”

Gretchen W.Leadership Team

“Coaching with Lauren Hammer has helped me expand my growth and learning experiences both professionally and personally. She has coached me throughout many experiences, including the starting of my business. Lauren has helped me set short and long term goals that include enhancing my leadership skills, sales and overall productivity.

I love how Lauren continually encourages me to find a balance with my business, relationships and self-care. Through coaching, I have also come to realize my drive and desire to be a successful woman entrepreneur. Our coaching relationship is one I greatly value and plan on continuing while working to enhance the quality of my relationships, professional roles and personal growth.”

B. Velazquez Business Owner • Individual Coaching

“My coaching work with Lauren has greatly contributed to my growth as a person, as a father and as a businessman. During my time with Lauren, I have learned skills that allow me to communicate more clearly and to make better decisions, both personally and professionally. Lauren’s contributions to my life have helped me to approach life’s challenges with more confidence and to keep a positive attitude. Thank you Lauren!”

John A.Westfield, New Jersey • Individual Coaching

“As my business has grown, I have become increasingly dependent upon the people within my company to run things. Lauren has helped me become a better leader by developing my communication skills and shedding light on personal accountability. Lauren has helped me achieve a gratifying work / life balance as well as the ability to tactfully work through difficult conversations. Conversations I may have avoided in the past. The insight and skills I have gained have helped me professionally as well as personally. If you are looking to improve upon your leadership and interpersonal skills, I think you will be pleased with the knowledge you gain by speaking with Lauren.”

SteveWestfield, New Jersey • Business Owner

“The responsibility of running a family construction business for the past 18 years has created a stressful environment for myself and my family. Living out the legacy my late father started almost 3 decades ago has created even further challenges for me personally. I realized early on that my coping mechanisms to relieve stress, my confidence in the ability to be successful as well as creating a healthy balance in my life was something I could not accomplish on my own. Lauren has been instrumental in helping me build on my professional experience to improve my confidence in the decision making process and in implementing better organizational skills. I have learned to not only build better communication skills with employees and clients but most importantly with my family. The mechanisms I have learned with Lauren throughout the years has created a tremendous growth experience for me with increased workplace accountability and a better balance between my personal and professional life.”

MarkFamily Business Owner

“When challenged with moving my business to a new level, I sought out a business coach to work with. Lauren Hammer of Hammer Leadership was the perfect choice.  Working one-to-one with her helped me gain clarity. I developed the self-confidence to expand the scope of my work and to realize my self worth in relationship to my billing structure. Lauren’s coaching and guidance has made all the difference.”

Josephine DonatelloCaptured Event LLC, Individual Coaching

“Lauren was a pleasure to work with for our Women in Banking Conference. She delivered relevant and fresh concepts to the attendees who provided positive feedback about her presentation. I recommend her for speaking engagements because she is knowledgeable, dependable and a professional.”

Jenn M. ZornSr. Vice President/Director of Education and Business Development, New Jersey Bankers Association

“I am happier than I have been in a really, really long time.  I wanted to say thank you so much for your guidance and support during the most difficult time of my life.  I truly feel like a different person…and everyday I use the tools that I learned from you during our sessions!  

Individual Coaching

“Thank you so much for the way you have guided me as I “grow myself up” and work to achieve greater clarity in my relationships. It has been pleasure working with and getting to know you, and I really appreciate the different perspectives and ways of seeing you have shared with me.  

Individual Coaching

“Thank you Lauren for challenging me – you seem comfortable in leading us.  

LEAD seminar participant

“Good support, nice observations in small group settings.  

LEAD seminar participant

Lauren is an excellent coach. In a direct and non-judgmental style, she is adept at asking powerful questions that expand my thinking about the problem, including how I am perceiving it and how I am currently responding to it. Seeing my role in the situation more clearly opens up new options for both managing my own response more effectively and developing more creative options.  If you’re ready to take you’re thinking and self-reflection to a new level, working with Lauren will be a gamechanger.”

Virginia Logan, M.A.Middlebury College, Individual Coaching


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